An Authentic Attribute of God

I remember having a conversation with an individual who is not a professing believer, and during the course of that discussion the study of Bible prophecy came up. He proudly asked me, as if to trip me up, “how can you study something that’s not happened yet?” I replied by affirming his question as a good one, and tried to explain how mathematically the odds are impossible-to-none that someone could have detailed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ hundreds of years earlier, but somehow it’s the case.

In the following video clip, Dr. Chuck Missler answers that same question from the scripture in a way I had never heard before. Yet, to me the nugget of truth that he presents is very much a once and for all answer. No longer will I have to try and explain it, because he points out that the Bible makes it clear. The ability to tell the future is a unique attribute of God, and the verse he shares is right on the money.

It’s an amazing thing to consider and makes perfect sense. Prophecy in the Bible is that one attribute authentic to God Himself, and His way of letting us know that the Bible is truly inspired by Him.


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