Humility, The Divine Reset Button

“The two persons whom Jesus praised most for their faith in His earthly ministry were two people who thought themselves totally unworthy.”

Derek Prince

In his discussion, that I link below, Derek Prince states that “faith and pride are incompatible.” Watch the 1 minute and 20 second clip before you continue reading.

It’s amazing to me to consider this thought, because it’s profoundly relevant. There are times when our faith is up, and we’re walking on sunshine, and there are times when our faith is stagnant and we feel like we’re just existing. I believe the latter is the cause of a lack of humility.

After things like: starting this website, and doing various projects that are internally fulfilling, I felt the brakes slowly being applied, and my faith coming to a stop.

The light was red, and I waited, and waited, until that gnawing feeling when you begin to wonder if the light is broken, and if it’ll ever turn green again. Then, when I found myself stagnant and not knowing what to do, a thought came to my mind about the one thing that’s like coming up for air; to humble myself. Interestingly, a day later I listened to this discussion, and I knew it was from God.

The truth is, we don’t have to have a blatant pride and arrogance about ourselves to reap the negative effects of pride. Besides, the more subtle our pride, the longer it will take to even realize it’s there. Pride, comes before a fall, and as Derek Prince says ‘faith and pride are incompatible.’

No, wonder when I’m behind the wheel, and living more so on my dime, waking up without reading the Word of God, going throughout my day without a foundation of prayer, that I eventually begin to feel lost. Sadly, the reason why I wouldn’t do those things is because I don’t prioritize them into my life, like one man of God once told me “we have to have a regiment.” Instead I do the opposite, I live according to my own whims and enjoy, and want, and consume, but “not do anything bad…” then I find myself at the stop light, waiting, wondering, frustrated.

I recently read a scripture that indicated the fact that, omitting a sin from our lives is not enough when it comes to repentance and change, we also need to include doing something right into our lives.

Humility is the only active way to state to God that we cannot do it on our own, and that we need Him.

The Bible says:

“God resists the proud, ​but gives grace to the humble.”
James 4:6

There’s always an initial assumption when we read any scripture, and there’s always a very practical understanding on the flip side.

When I read the above verse from James 4:6 it makes me realize why God gives grace to the humble; how can He direct a person that’s leading themselves? It would be an attempt at helping someone who’d be actively resisting His guidance. Humility is so practical, and putting ourselves in that state of lowliness is the most beneficial.

When we humble ourselves, we soon sense His grace, and when we feel His presence once again in our lives the light turns green and we can move forward with confidence knowing that He is with us.