Quote of The Day

Before he stated the aforementioned quote, Derek Prince had never been involved in the ministry of deliverance, so when a pastor said “God showed me it was brother Prince who was to be the instrument to carry out the task” he said:
“I do not let people’s revelations dictate to me, so i sent a quick telegraph to heaven.”
-Derek Prince

This is such an important principle, because I’ve seen too many times fellow churchgoers act desperate to see that you are going with the flow, cause that-is-all-they-know. Now, that wouldn’t necessarily seem like a bad thing except that sometimes they try and impose the idea that “God said,” for you to do or not do something. I’m not referring to matters of sin but rather the course of your destiny.

Decisions concerning that are of very great importance and are between you and God. I’ve heard so many stories of great ministry’s that grew out of a persons willingness to trust God for a fresh way of doing things. Sad to say there have been an equal amount of monstrosity’s that have grown out of the same intention.

But again, that’s between you and God. So, before you go and jump ship you have to ask:

Do you want a ministry or a monstrosity?

You have to seek God on your own behalf, and before making those important decisions, make sure you receive a telegraph in return.


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